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Welcome to our gallery of past projects. The Chiswick Scenery portfolio is a showcase of our proudest moments. Each project is a chapter in our journey, where we interpret your designs and turn them into captivating realities that inspire and engage audiences.

Take a look at our portfolio below to get a sense of what we can achieve together:

ABRDN Set Design for Investor Day

Chiswick Scenery delivered a customized and visually captivating set design for ABRDN’s investor day webcast, effectively translating the essence of the event into a digital format. Their innovative approach not only ensured a seamless and engaging online experience but also reinforced ABRDN’s brand identity, creating a lasting impression on their virtual audience.

Lucas Showhall

Chiswick Scenery transformed an ordinary showhall into a stunning showroom, using innovative designs and immersive lighting to showcase Lucas Cars’ exceptional range of vehicles, creating an unforgettable visual experience for customers. Our work seamlessly combined aesthetics with functionality, setting a new standard for automotive display spaces.

Clifford Chance

Chiswick Scenery successfully tailored an intimate events space for Clifford Chance, meticulously crafting an ambiance that fostered meaningful interactions and engagement among their stakeholders. Through thoughtful design and execution, they ensured that every aspect of the space conveyed a sense of exclusivity and sophistication, enhancing the overall experience for the attendees.

Campaign Media Awards

Chiswick Scenery brilliantly executed the Campaign Media Awards by providing a captivating and versatile creative set and backdrop, elevating the event’s visual appeal and thematic coherence. Our meticulous attention to detail and artistic craftsmanship transformed the awards ceremony into a memorable and immersive experience for attendees, setting the stage for a night of celebration and recognition.